Publications from the blog

We have published several papers explicitly using material we have developed here on the blog; links below (some talks as well)

Wilson, A. D. & Golonka, S. (2015). Ecological Information Makes Embodiment Possible. Talk presented by ADW at Situating Cognition: Agency, Affect and Extension, Warsaw, Poland. Slides

Golonka, S. (2015). Laws and conventions in language related-behaviours. Ecological Psychology, 27(3), 236-250. Download

Wilson, A. D. & Golonka, S (2015). Task dynamics and the (ecological) information they create. Talk presented by ADW at the European Conference on Artificial Life, York.  Video of Slides and Audio

Wilson, A. D., & Golonka S (2015). Connecting the conceptual dots in embodied cognition: A comment on Dijkstra et al, “How body balance influences political party evaluations: a Wii balance board. Front. Psychol. 6:853. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.00853 Download

Charles, E. P., Golonka, S. & Wilson, A. D. The Most Important Thing Neuropragmatism Can Do: Providing an Alternative to ‘Cognitive’ Neuroscience. In Pragmatist Neurophilosophy: American Philosophy and the Brain, J.R. Shook & T. Solymosi, Eds, pg 127-149. Download

Wilson, A. D., & Golonka, S. (2013). Embodied Cognition is Not What you Think It Is. Frontiers in Psychology, 4. Download Polish Translation

Golonka, S., & Wilson, A. D. (2012). Gibson’s ecological approach - a model for the benefits of a theory driven psychology. Avant, 3(2), 40-53. Download

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