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We're always happy to help with media enquiries. If you need an informed comment on some new research, or have questions about our research, feel free to contact us.  

Andrew's media information page at Leeds Beckett University

2018.08.09 - Andrew was interviewed for The Talent Equation podcast, available here

2016.10.18 - Andrew was interviewed by Rob Gray's Perception Action Podcast, which you can listen to and download here

2016.05.08 - Andrew and Sabrina are name-checked in this article by Robert Epstein on non-representational approaches to cognitive science

2015.12.11 - Andrew took part in a Google Hangout with Al Smith and Mark Upton talking about the ecological approach to skill development in sports

2015.03.05 - Andrew was interviewed by Tom Stafford for Mind Hacks about radical embodied cognition

2015.02.02 - Andrew and Sabrina gave a critical comment about the #superchicks paper in Science that claimed chicks have a mental number line for Cathleen O'Grady at Ars Technica.

2014.10.08 - Andrew commented for Rose Eveleth on this piece about a paper showing no one knows what running is supposed to look like.

2013.06 - Sabrina was interviewed by Christie Aschwanden (website, Twitter) about embodied cognition, and our work featured in this article in Discover Magazine.

2013.01.31 - Andrew commented for Ed Yong on his coverage of an interesting paper (Faubert, 2013) about whether athletes are champion visual learners

2012.07.03 - Sabrina and Andrew were interviewed by the popular podcast 'The Psych Files'; our interview can be downloaded here

2012.02.20 - Sabrina and Andrew were interviewed for this blog post by Jeff Thompson.

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