Thursday 14 June 2012

4 PhD Studentships in Psychology

We are advertising four, fully-funded studentships in Psychology over here at Leeds Metropolitan University. I've got two projects listed on embodied cognition, one on language and one on categorisation, and I'd love to talk to any and all who are interested in applying.

There are also a number of other projects on offer from other members of the department:

  •  Impulsivity, cognitive bias and drug addiction
  •  Categorisation, social cognition and embodied cognition
  • Dreaming and memory
  • Emotions, including collective emotions, mixed emotions and cross-cultural perspectives
  • Men’s sexual thoughts and offending
  • Femininity, aggression and violence in and out of the workplace
  • Gender, work and mothering, and infertility
  • Sex and sexualities in the digital age
  • Augmented reality to improve learning
  • Children’s activity choices
  • Music and academic performance 

Here's a link to the project summaries

And here's a link to the application form

Finally, a link to the main research bursary page

Deadline for applications is 8th July


  1. I wish I had a killer student for you this year. I have one who might be good, but he doesn't want to leave the area. There is one from a few years ago who would be perfect for you, but he won't get off his duff and commit. Maybe I will poke him again.

    How long is a Ph.D. in Britain... am I right to remember that it is not the 6 year ordeal it is in the states (where an Masters is gotten en route)?

  2. 3 years, sometimes 3+1 with the right funding.

    The Leeds Met money is targeted at UK students so international students would have extra fees. Leeds has money for international PhDs and I'm interested in students too (either for my kind of work or some kind of deal to include Sabrina). Deadline is 4 July.