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Welcome! We are two psychologists who are interested in developing a more coherent, naturalised approach to the scientific study of human behaviour.

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Andrew D. Wilson studies the perceptual control of action, with a special interest in learning. I had the good fortune to be turned onto the work of James Gibson, the dynamical systems approach and embodied cognition during my PhD at Indiana University. This non-representational, non-computational, radical embodied cognitive science is at odds with the dominant cognitive neuroscience approach, but provides an over-arching theoretical framework that I believe psychology is otherwise missing. My plan for my activity here is to review the theoretical and empirical basis for this approach, to organise my thoughts as I develop my research programme.

Sabrina Golonka studies language, similarity and categorisation. Although I'm technically a cognitive psychologist, I reject the representational approach common to most work on cognition. I see dynamical systems / embodied cognition as an alternative to representation, and I want to think about how to study similarity and categorisation from this perspective. My goals on this blog are to wade through arguments for and against representation, to learn more about dynamical systems and embodied cognition, and to think about the state of psychology as a science.

Twitter: @PsychScientists

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